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Design for Strategy and Understanding

Educating Future Designers

My students never cease to challenge me to be the best educator and designer that I can be. I have been teaching design fundamentals courses for close to decade, and I find that teaching and consulting inform and enrich each other.

I have conceptualized and developed courses from the ground up. I have also worked with curricula developed by others. I have taught courses by myself, as well as with one or more co-instructors.

My philosophy as an instructor is to motivate students to take initiative for their own development. I'm open to seeing where a student may take an effort, even if I don't initially agree with their thinking. I try to provide feedback that is clear and concise, with enough room for someone to feel as though they still own their work.

Examples of courses I have taught include:

  • Communication Design Fundamentals: Typography, grids, color, images, formatting pages and screens, editing
  • Interaction Design Fundamentals: Research, concept generation, sketching, storyboarding, wire framing, prototyping
  • Professional Practice for Designers: Writing proposals, client correspondence, client relationships, ethical challenges, billing time and budgeting, project management
  • Undergraduate Degree Project: Mentoring student teams as they work with real clients on an actual project

Examples of student projects available upon request.