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Design for strategy and understanding

Design to Make It Clear

At my core, I am an information designer. I thrive on taming ambiguity, bringing clarity to complex information, and making products that are visually engaging and easy to use. I champion the needs of my audience and my design solutions stem from that point of view.

My work extends into many areas of design, including User Experience Design, Web and Mobile Design, Instructional Design, Communication Design, Information Visualization, Content Development, Design Thinking and Strategy, Organizational Design, and Branding, to name several.

Design is a constantly evolving discipline, and most projects do not neatly fit within one category of design or another. As a result, my experience is broad, and continually evolving as well.

I often combine my strategic planning and management experience with my design knowledge to be a thought partner with my clients to help them think about their overall strategy.

Strategy and design are a natural fit for each other, and I bring both of these mindsets to every project.